Welcome to Zen Designs

Zen Designs is a firm built around the Zen Philosophy of Simplicity, Dynamism and Serenity. 

Our designs are original and authentic. They create a unique office or home environment with the highest quality of finishes. 

We work with you from the initial conception of Design Themes through to the Selection and Sourcing of materials

Our comprehensive services include:

- Planning and Designing Interior Spaces

- Designing of Custom Made Furniture in both, wood and metal.
- Lighting Design and installation.
- All types of Designs for Timber & Joinery Works.
- Designing of Flooring and Roofing of various types.
- Elevation Treatment, Wall Cladding and Window Dressing.
- Landscaping.

We also undertake turn-key contracts specifically tailored to suit your taste. We assure you a high quality end product that is both functional and aesthetic.